Waterproof Clothing


We are professionals in the field of high-quality garments with GORE-TEX® breathable and waterproof fabrics which allow using seam sealing technology.


Our water resistant and waterproof clothing is designed for workers who are exposed to the elements (eg storms, heavy rain, pressure washers, etc.)


We offer the service of manufacturing work clothes for various occupational groups requiring this type of protection.

Technology and materials


Such products require us to engage in specialized machinery and production technology that is characterized by precision, effort and attention to detail. In combination with good quality laminated fabrics, we produce end products that are able to withstand extreme atmospheric conditions.

Requirements met

Waterproof clothing conforming to EN 343 is tested for resistance to high water pressure and sweat drainage. Working clothes used in various weather conditions must not only protect their wearers from getting wet, they must also be durable enough to withstand rough working conditions.

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