Flame Resistant Clothing

Designed for occupational groups exposed to different degrees of risk in contact with high temperatures, fire and heat.

Our services include producing work clothes for various professional groups, for example firefighters, metallurgists, foundrymen, welders, offshore drilling and refineries staff

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Requirements met

The clothing meets the criterion outlined by the harmonized standard PN-EN 469: 2005 concerning fire protection, radiation protection, watertightness and vapor permeability.

Moreover, our products meet the requirements of the EN 531: 1999 standard for protection against thermal stress


Technology and materials

Fabrics used for production are made of flame retardant fibers which slow down and impede heat conduction. Depending on the degree of exposure to heat, clothing may have a number of different layers. Unique technology extends the penetration time to deeper coatings, reducing the risk of burns.

For the production of our products we use Velcro, thread, pullers and flame retardant locks.

In order to increase user safety we use modern technological solutions and adapt ourselves to the needs of our customers.

  • Feet inserts for protecting elbows and shoulders
  • Finishing of the sleeves and bottom of trouser legs is done using abrasion-resistant material (meta-aramid)
  • Option of using reflective tapes to improve visibility
  • Detachable hood for helmet
  • Replacement pockets for phone, radio, tools, detectors, etc.