Antistatic Clothing


Designed for occupational groups who are exposed to electrostatic discharge and electric arcs. The clothing is also intended to minimize the risk of electric shock and short-term contact with electrical wiring.


Our services include producing work clothes for industrial workers; electricians, fitters, etc.

Technology and materials


Fabrics used in the production are a mixture of special fibres: MA (modacrylic)-antistatic, and cotton. The final fabric product is industrially processed in order to improve its usefulness.


All components used in production meet the requirements of the standards for antistatic clothing. 


Clothing can be made in either an insulated version or an alternative design suited for summer purposes. The clothing is adapted to the specific requirements of the work done when using the clothing. This includes changing functional elements in the form of pockets for electronic devices, phones, toolbars, etc.

Requirements met

PN-EN 61482 - Clothing protects against thermal effects of electric arcs.

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PN-EN 11611 - Clothing protects against electric shock and short-term exposure to fire and sparks.

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PN-EN 1149 - Clothing protects against electrostatic properties.

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PN-EN 11612 - Clothing protects against heat and flame.

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